August Announcements

Hey Everyone!

I trust this Blog post finds you well and having had an opportunity for some kind of summer fun!

I know everyone has a lot of questions about September and I have been getting a significant number of emails. Please know that as soon as I have the information you have all been patiently waiting for, I will share it. I recorded this video last week before the introduction, but I still don’t have anything concrete to share.

Continue to email me if you need us and say hello to your children and make sure to read all communication from the school and the Board.

Be well

Krysten Cameron

School Grounds

Hey BPS! If you haven’t been by the school this week on a walk or a bike, you will be surprised to see the video below. Our tarmac is FINALLY getting painted with some great activities. There is much more to go down, but we are experiencing a heat delay. Make sure to check it out in the coming weeks!

If you walk your dog in our field, please pick up its’ mess. It is also worth noting that we don’t have garbage collection in the summer- so for those of you putting your dog bags in our garbage bins to sit all summer- please don’t! They are locked for a reason. Thank you!!