Safe Welcome and Entry to the School

We would like to remind our community that beginning Monday, February 3, 2014, our school doors, including the front door, will be locked 15 minutes after the morning bell rings.  The doors will remain locked for the rest of the school day.  All visitors, including Board staff, parents and guardians, will be required to buzz in and sign in at the main office.

In addition:

  • To access before and after care programs, parents and guardians will use the west front door security system.  Program staff will be responsible for letting you into the building, and you will continue to enter through the west door by the office.  
  • If you are dropping lunch off for your child, you will need to buzz in.  
  • Portable classroom doors will be locked.  Students who need to access the main school will continue to use the swipe card entry system.

Our school continues to be a safe place where we welcome and encourage parent and community member involvement. This additional step will enhance the measures we already have in place for student and staff safety, and ensure that all visitors sign in at the main office.  If you have any questions, please contact our main office.