Talent Show Update



As part of our end-of-year Bakersfield Proud celebration (details to follow), a committee of teachers have undertaken the job of putting on a talent show.  With auditions now complete, they wanted to thank all students who auditioned for the talent show.  To say the least, they were overwhelmed with the amazing turnout, auditioning almost a hundred and twenty acts!  The panel of teachers looked at a number of different criteria to decide on the final acts, seeking not only to select a variety of different talents, but also to ensure that students across all grades were represented among the acts.

If primary students who auditioned for the talent show would still like to be involved, they will be coordinating a group song and dance performance and they would encourage students to see Ms. Koshy or Ms. Gallant to participate.  If junior students would still like to be involved, they are similarly able to join the school choir, which will also be performing.

Thanks again go out to all students who auditioned.  It showed courage and we are Bakersfield Proud of all our talented students!