Waste Reduction Week


This upcoming week is Waste Reduction Week in Canada, where government agencies, schools, businesses and individuals across the country are being encouraged to minimize the waste they produce by rethinking, reducing, reusing and recycling.  Schools, in particular, are looking to encourage students and their families to provide waste-free lunches for the week of October 20 through October 24.  Consider making small efforts to minimize waste, such as providing your child with a reusable lunch bag, reusable food containers, a reusable drink bottle or thermos, and healthy, natural snacks.  Collective, our efforts can help reduce significant amounts of waste across thousands of single-use paper and plastic bags, disposable bottles, and overly packaged snacks, in just one week.

This may also provide a good opportunity to talk with your child old children about your own family’s efforts to minimize waste going into landfills by separating out green bin organic and blue bin recyclable materials.  Visit the Waste Free Lunch website for more ideas and parent resources.  Together we can support a greener Canada!