Smart Drivers Just Drive

Parents and Guardians may have noticed the increased presence of Vaughan By-Law Enforcement and York Regional Police at our drop-off and pick-up times this past week.  We have reached out to these community partners to support our school at the busiest traffic congestion times in the interest of the safety of all our students and the community at large.

Like all schools, our parking lot is very busy at entry and dismissal times.  As always, we are thankfully to our many parents and children who walk to school, even in the winter months, to help alleviate congestion.  We continue to encourage our parents and their children to walk to school or park on one of the adjacent streets and walk to school.  For those parents and guardians who do drop-off or pick-up in the Kiss and Ride, we ask for their ongoing cooperation by following the directions of staff on duty, and taking extra care, consideration and patience in their driving in and around the school.

York Regional Police have been particularly focusing on education about distracted driving, as distracted driving is increasingly being found to be as dangerous as impaired driving –with drivers having four times the likelihood of crashing when distracted while driving.  We have placed brochures in the school lobby to share with the community on this topic, or you can access Smart Drivers Just Drive digitally.  We thank you for your support in proving a safe environment for our students and each other.