Bakersfield Proud Parents!

Over the last several weeks, we’ve received ‘Bakersfield Proud’ emails from parents and guardians about all sorts of students’ accomplishments, highlighting their children’s commitment to respect, responsibility, honesty, empathy, fairness, initiative, perseverance, integrity, courage, and optimism.  We’ve been able to share on our morning announcements about a student who displayed courage taking on black diamond slopes when downhill skiing, a student who took great initiative in helping care for his baby sister, a student who surprised her parents with a perfectly clean room, and a range of other students who worked hard and persevered to earn swim badges, karate belts and achievements in dance, hockey and so many other areas.

We want to continue acknowledging our students demonstrating these characteristics that make us Bakersfield Proud on our daily announcements, but we need your help. We only see what our students do at school –please help us recognize our students’ good character at home and in the community.  Is there something you know of that would make us especially Bakersfield Proud of your son or daughter?  Of course there is!  Please keep sending in your own Bakersfield Proud messages to be read on the announcements by emailing (A permanent widget has been added on the right sidebar of this blog for parents to make future submissions.)

Help be our eyes and ears in the community and share your

Bakersfield Pride!