EcoSchool Recertification


We are proud to share with our community that thanks to the efforts of our school’s Eco-team, Bakersfield P. S. will be awarded the Silver EcoSchool Certification Seal for the 2014-15 year.  Great job!

The Eco-team has been dedicated in their ongoing work to help reduce our school’s carbon footprint, and honour the environment.  Their efforts can be felt across the school with a range of environmental awareness and education campaigns, ‘Walking Wednesdays’, litter-less lunches, recycling initiatives, energy reduction strategies and the revitalization of our school’s Peace Garden.

We look forward to everyone sharing the responsibility for minimizing our impact on the environment and taking an active role in protecting it.  We will continue to work on the following areas, as we look to maintain and hopefully improve upon our standing in the future: “teamwork and leadership, energy conservation, waste minimization, school ground greening, and curriculum and environmental stewardship.”

We are proud of the work we’ve done to date and look forward to partnering with our community in continuing and improving on our work as an EcoSchool.  For more information on this initiative, visit Ontario EcoSchools.