Summer Reading


Throughout the summer, students should keep their minds active, and one of the easiest ways for us to support this is by encouraging them to read for pleasure.

We wanted to take remind our community that in addition to our sizeable school library, Bakersfield P.S. families have access to two on-line collections.  The Tumblebook Library can be accessed at home by clicking here, and logging in with the user name bakersfield and the password books.  Bookflix is another online resource you can access here, with the user id dsbyork and the password dsby7692.  Please consider using these two excellent resources when reading with your children at home over the summer holidays (and throughout the year), or encouraging them to read independently on a computer or tablet.

If your child enjoys reading and learning on-line, here are some sites he or she can access: Starfall, Storyplace, Kidsreads, and Funbrain.  Have a great summer and happy reading!