Supporting Your Child in Mathematics


At the beginning of July we had shared a range of on-line resources and web-based libraries, aimed at encouraging students to maintain good read habits over the summer. Similarly, authentic opportunities to make mathematics meaningful for children over the summer abound. Indeed, “helping your children be successful in math can be as simple as talking about the math around your daily life” (Ontario Ministry of Education, Doing Mathematics with Your Child: A Parents’ Guide). The York Region District School Board has updated its math-related pages with an expanded section on Supporting Your Child in Mathematics. Within this section there are links to numerous parent resources, activities, program documents, and on-line educational games and puzzles for students, divided into Grades K-3, Grades 4-6, and Grades 7-12.

Some highlights of possibilities for fun on-line learning for students in math include Prodigy, Mathies, and TVO Kids. By encouraging your child to engage in fun, math-oriented activities (over the summer and throughout the year), you help build confidence and positive attitudes toward math, as well as nurture your child’s gradually developing mathematical understandings. “When you find ways to engage your child in thinking and talking about mathematics, you are providing an important key for unlocking his or her future success” (Ontario Ministry of Education, Doing Mathematics with Your Child: A Parents’ Guide).

We hope you find these resources helpful in providing additional points of departure for supporting your child in mathematics.  And of course, we very much hope that everyone is enjoying their summer!