Keeping Our School Grounds Clean

We take pride in our school grounds at Bakersfield P.S. and enjoy the benefits of being beside a beautiful park and backing on to large grassy field.  Regrettably, it appears there has been an increase of pet owners not cleaning up after their dogs, leaving patches of mess on our back field and the adjacent areas.  Our caretaking team is continually working to ensure the fields are clean, but it is expectedly difficult to constantly check such an expansive area.

We are thankful Bakersfield families treat our grounds with respect –and they appreciate that the green spaces around our school are where their children play—however there may be others in the community not extending this same courtesy.  We have reached out to the Vaughan Public Works Department and Animal Control for their support in this matter.  We are similarly reaching out to our school community to help us spread the word to all pet owners to clean up after their pets and keep Bakersfield P.S. clean.  Our thanks for your support.