Fall Food Drive Update


Barely a week into our effort, we’ve managed to fill two drums worth of non-perishable foods and sundries for the Vaughan Food Bank. Great job, Bakersfield families!  With your support, we can fill the remaining two drums. In donating, we are reminded that there are those less fortunate in Vaughan, and we are able to contribute to help others experiencing hardship.

In every pantry and kitchen cupboard there are items that may not be used by your family but might be wanted by other families, elsewhere.  Take a few moments to go through the kitchen cupboards with your children, and involve them in the spirit of giving and nurture their appreciation for helping others.  Together, we can make our donation barrels overflow!

Any donated item contributed during the lead-up will serve as admission for a student to attend the school-wide dance on October 29th.  We remind families that students are able to come to school in costume on Thursday, October 29th, only.  York Region District School Board’s Safe Schools Policy #668.0 in accordance with the Ontario Safe Schools Act,includes the following mandatory expulsion criteria: “A student shall be expelled from school if the student commits one or more of the following infractions while at school or engaged in a school-related activity (as set out in the Ontario Code of Conduct): (a) possessing a weapon or replica weapon, including a firearm.”  Students celebrating this occasion in costume at our school must comply with this policy.  Costume accessories including, but not limited to, toy guns, knives, axes, swords, etc. are not in compliance with York Region District School Board’s Safe Schools Policy #668.0.

If you have yet to donate, please do so!  Hunger takes no holiday.

We thank you for your support.