National Sweater Day


Thursday February 2nd 2017 is National Sweater Day!

Since 2010, over a million Canadians have participated in National Sweater Day at schools, workplaces and in homes.  National Sweater Day’s slogan is to turn down the heat and turn up your sweaters.  This awareness-raising campaign helps to demonstrate how much energy can be saved in one day by turning the thermostat down just one degree.  We will be participating here at Bakersfield P.S. and our students will have an opportunity to look at our building’s actual energy consumption on that day and compare it with others.

We’d ask for your support by having your children wear a sweater on Thursday February 2nd.  We’re grateful to work together in educating our students about environmental issues and helping our students to understand ways to reduce their carbon footprints.  For more information (and activities you can do at home, too!) visit the National Sweater Day website.