Is There Something Extra in Your Pantry?

We will be having a school-wide Fall dance on Monday, October 30th featuring Bounce Entertainment.  There is no cost to attend the dance, though we are asking students to bring in non-perishable food items to support the Vaughan Food Bank.  There are now several drums and bins in the foyer of the school, and donations can be dropped off at any time, during school hours.  The most requested items from the food bank include (a) canned food items such as soups, fruit, vegetables, juices, pasta sauces etc., (b) cereals hot & cold, biscuits, crackers, cookies, cake mixes, pancake mixes etc., (c) toiletry items such as hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, razors, hair shampoos, paper hand towels, hair creams, cosmetics etc., (d) Kraft dinners and all types of pasta, (e) glass items such as pickles, sauces, jams, relishes, salad dressings etc., and (f) baby diapers, sizes 3 to 6.

Please note that on October 30th, the focus of the day remains on instruction, any Halloween related activities are optional, and students will have a choice to participate in alternative activities.  Students will be allowed to dress up but they must follow Board Protocol.  We ask all students to reserve coming to school in costume to Monday, October 30th only.  Students celebrating this occasion in costume at our school must comply with this policy.  Costume accessories including, but not limited to, toy guns, knives, axes, swords, etc. are not in compliance with York Region District School Board’s Safe Schools Policy #668.0.    Similarly, costumes should be respectful of others. For example, if something is representative of a person’s culture or religious beliefs, then it should not be worn as another person’s costume.

As always, we wish to promote healthy eating at our school, and discourage students from bringing candies that are in abundance around Halloween to school.  In particular, we remind parents to be careful to avoid sending any items that may contain nuts to school like those often given out as Halloween candies.  Bakersfield P.S. is continuing its healthy snacks program and preferred options for snacking, such as a fruits and vegetables, are available for our students.

Together, we can work to help Vaughan families in need.