We had a GREAT Day!

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful first day back to school!  Although it was hot, we were happy and settled right back into the swing of things.

Here are a couple of reminders again as we start back into the ‘regular routine’ – some of these things are slightly different than last year.

  1. Please be VERY careful in the drop off loop as many children walk to school
  2. Do NOT park in the loop and leave your car unattended – if you need to leave your car, please park on the street
  3. Children may enter the building through the back doors of the school only – beginning at 8:40 and will head straight INto their classes
  4. Students are not to use personal phones during the school day unless they sign out for lunch
  5. We desperately need Lunch Assistants to help us at Lunch Hour – encourage people you know to help out if you can’t.  We don’t want to have to close the city park but may not have supervision to keep it open.
  6. The School Curriculum Night and BBQ is next Thursday September 13th.  Please sign up on CashOnline

Way to go Bakersfield!  This year is going to be AWESOME!