NEW! Pathways Planning and Course Selection Platform: Grades 7 – 12

The York Region District School Board will be providing your child with an engaging and new interactive online education and career/life planning platform starting in November 2018.  Career Cruising will not be available to students after November 15, 2018. Students will be notified via their GAPPS account email of the steps required to save information, that has been stored in their Individual Pathway Plan (IPP,) from Career Cruising into their GAPPS account.

This new platform  will include a number of beneficial resources to support your child as they progress through high school, including:


  • Who Am I – 6 unique assessments for self-exploration and discovery (including Learning Styles, Myers-Briggs Personality, Holland Interests, Knowledge, Motivations, and Compatibility)
  • High School – A tool to visually plan courses, track progress toward graduation, and instantly identify post-secondary eligibility for opportunities in all pathways
  • Post-Secondary – A database to explore post-secondary opportunities and compare detailed information on apprenticeships, college programs, university programs and workplace sectors across Canada
  • Goals – An interactive goal setting tool to set S.M.A.R.T. goals and action plans
  • Occupations – A database of over 500 occupations to compare comprehensive information on jobs
  • Resumes & Cover Letters – Interactive tools to record personal experiences, build resumes and write cover letters
  • Money – An engaging budget-making tool to help students track income and expenses and develop financial literacy
  • Job Search – A tool to explore real-world job postings that relate to occupations of interest
  • Portfolios – A portfolio builder to create multiple portfolios and share it with parents, teachers, or future employers


Schools will be receiving more information regarding the transition to this new platform in the coming weeks and will continue to provide students and parents/guardians with updates.