In the Loop…part two

The last few weeks have been incredibly full here at the school.  The enthusiasm and excitement of students in the classes as they are engaged in learning has been palpable.  Here is a peek in to some of the classes and what they have been up to…

Hands on Learning with Rocks and Minerals with some of the grade 4’s

Some of the Junior students worked on a project based learning task for Social Studies, which culminated in a Canadian Kids Take Action Day. Their Big Idea was to be active, informed and responsible citizens. The Grade 4s learned about the Physical and Political Regions Canada. They selected a political region and conducted research about the region, including the major industry. They learned how the environment impacts the industrial and recreational activities in the region, and how those activities impact the environment. In groups, they created a company based on the industry and had the goal of recruiting people to come work for their company and live in their political region. They had to think of ways to make their company (industry) environmentally friendly. The Grade 5s selected an environmental or societal issue, and learned how the Canadian government is dealing with it. They created Action Plans to address the issue, and provided recommendations to both Canadian citizens and the government on how they can help solve the issue.

Some of our Kindergartens are twisting their way to a healthy lifestyle in their Daily Vigorous Physical Activity!