RCTech Opportunity

As part of a partnership between YRDSB and Renewed Computer Technology (RCT), qualified families with children enrolled at our school have the opportunity to purchase quality refurbished computers at a reduced cost.
Applicants must live in Ontario, have a student enrolled at the school and either receive government assistance payments or qualify as a limited income earner under the limited income cut-off standards*.
Below is a limited income grid for your reference.

Family size Annual income*
2 people $30,286
3 people $37,234
4 people $45,206
5 people $51,272
6 people $57,286
7 people or more $64,381

Desktop computers are available for $71 and laptop computers are available for $161, including software, a two year hardware and labour depot warranty, and delivery to the school. Parents and legal guardians may apply for one computer per student, with a limit of two per household. If you are interested in applying, please finalize your order no later than April 30, 2019 by completing an online application at http://www.rcto.ca/outreach using the group code on the attached program flyer.

Please note: If you do not pay by April 30, 2019 you will not be eligible to receive a computer.

Please note – There are sections in the RCT Online Application that are no longer applicable:
● Requirement of Proof or Documentation of Income
● Requirement to participate in training prior to receiving your computer/laptop

The Section on Course of Study can pertain to elementary or secondary.
For more information, including complete application and payment instructions, please refer to the attached program flyer and checklist.