Recycling Bags at Bakersfield


One of Bakersfield’s Goals is to create a waste-free environment at our school.  We have had many initiatives, including encouraging waste-free lunches, making Good On One Side Paper Bins in each classroom, and selling reusable snack and lunch bags.

Over 10,000 tonnes of plastic garbage is going into our lakes and rivers each year. We are now asking our Bakersfield families to collect as many plastic bags as we can for our Grab Bag Challenge.  Walmart is offering a prize of $1,000 dollars to the school with the best social media presence around this issue.  Let’s work together to make Thornhill Woods neighbourhood a “Waste Free Zone!”  Get rid of your plastic bags today! Starting NEXT WEEK for a week, bring them to school and we will get rid of them for you!!

SINGLE USE PLASTIC is a large contributor to the demise of our environment.  Ziploc bags, grocery bags, shopping bags, vegetable and fruit bags are just a few of the single use plastics that you can say ‘no’ to with ease.  Consider re-usable containers and bags at every opportunity.

Bag chall