A message from LUNCH LADY

We will be starting serving lunches at Bakersfield on Monday, April 29th. If you have not placed your orders yet, you can do it any time. Please keep in mind the cut-off time for online ordering is 2 business days prior to the lunch delivery date. For example to order for Monday, the latest you can place an order is on Thursday . 
This long weekend is a good time to sit with your child and choose the lunches he/she might love most. We have lots of choices available online. ORDER HERE
If you need any help with the menu or with ordering, kindly email me and I am more than happy to help. 
Also wanted to mention that payment needs to be done online with a major credit card every time you place an order. Please note unpaid orders get automatically deleted by the system the business day before the lunch delivery date. If you need help with applying payment or have any questions, please email me. Our system does not store credit card numbers, we are using a third party secure payment company and the credit card numbers are private information, so we do not have access to them.In case you forget to pay and get notification from our system that the order got deleted, kindly email me immediately and I will re-instate the order and you can apply payment online.
We are very excited to start serving lunches at your child’s school and are looking forward to our start date : April 29th. We trust your kids will love our lunches.
Thank you and have a lovely afternoon. 
Please note our cancellation policy : for sick reasons only you can cancel by notifying us by email until the latest 8:00 am on the lunch delivery date. For all other non-emergency reasons like: school trips, school activities, sport activities, vacations, doctor appointments please note we require notification by email 48 hours prior to the lunch delivery date .