Thank you to Families and Supporters of BPS!

To the Families and Supporters of Bakersfield Public School,

Thank you for the many ways that you support the work and learning we are doing at Bakersfield.  We know that what we do couldn’t be possible without your interest and support.  When you ask your children about what they are learning, when you enter into dialogue with staff, when you follow us on Twitter, when you come to school events, when you share with others the great things we are up to, and when you donate time, energy and when you donate in financial ways – it matters.  These are all examples of ways that you help to make your children’s school experience more positive and help drive our work forward.  THANK YOU!

This year, through Hot Lunch programs and through the Dance -a-Thon hosted by School Council, we have raised money. As a result, the school has been able to do a LOT of great things and to purchase new and replacement items.  We wanted to keep you in the loop with how this money gets used so you can see it at work.  Some of these items have just been ordered but you will seem them in the coming weeks and months.

  • new Chromebooks and iPads for the classrooms
  • new Math Manipulatives for the classrooms
  • new sound system and set up for the gym – hopefully will arrive in time for the Spring Symphony on June 13th
  • buddy bench for the tarmac so friends have a place to find one another
  • painting for the tarmac (steering/planning committee underway)
  • new water bottle filling station for the upstairs north hallway
  • XMovement Dance program for all students and evening event for families
  • Scott Graham Leadership and Anti-Bullying presentation
  • Kindergarten outdoor play equipment
  • Gym equipment
  • Colour House supplies
  • new flexible seating and working furniture for classrooms (standing tables, stools etc)
  • Technology and supplies for the Innovation Room in the Library Learning Commons

Thank you!!!

As a special note, we want to say a significant THANK YOU to our School Council executive members and participants.  They have worked hard to bring us fun community events and to help share community voice.  School Council has an important role to play and we are grateful for how these parents and our community partners have given their time and energy.

Keep following the blog to hear about events coming up, dates to save, and new ways we are adding to the school.  Your support and participation matters!