We Need your Support!

Some of our Bakersfield’s junior classes are hard at work preparing for Kindness Day on June 12th for our Kindergarten to Grade 4 students. Some students in Ms. Nattrass’ class are preparing an activity to teach others about ways to be kind to the environment.

As you may know, some of our kindergarten classes are collecting bottle caps. We are asking that you could also please bring the plastic bottle as well. Ms. Nattrass’ class is looking to collect plastic bottles of different shapes and sizes in order for their activity to be a success.

Please send your child with empty and clean plastic bottles. We will be collecting bottles until June 7th and they can be dropped off in Ms. Nattrass’ class, room 217, or in the box outside of the office.

Students in our Grade 1 and Grade ½ classes have started to spread kindness with the creation of their Kindness Rocks that are on display at the front entrance. On Kindness Day, we are looking to expand it. If you could spare any medium size river rocks, that would be very helpful. Please drop your river rocks off in Ms. Roebuck’s class Room 215 or in the front foyer boxes.

Thank you for helping support our class initiative to help the environment!

Ms. Nattrass’ Grade 6 Class