Packing Lunches for School

Lunch time is a busy place at Bakersfield (we still need Lunch Assistants) and many of you have already been asking questions about food, activities, and supervision/sign-out.

Lunch Hour is from 12:35-1:35 p.m.

Helpful information for everyone:

  • All food at school is to be nut free
  • We do not allow students to share food with one another
  • Hot lunches and milk are available (see below)
  • Supervision occurs inside for 20 minutes with an adult going between the classrooms (Kindergarten 1-2 adults per class)
  • Supervision occurs outside for 40 minutes
  • Lunches are to be dropped off on the front hall counter (if you are dropping off) – we will call students at lunch to pick up lunches if they don’t come, but we will not call students out of class to come down as it disrupts the learning of all students

Signing out at Lunch:

  • Students who have permission to sign out at lunch, must sign out at the beginning of lunch and will not be permitted to sign out part way through lunch
  • If your child(ren) want to sign out on an irregular basis, please send a note, we cannot tie up the phone lines calling for permissions

Pizza/Milk/Subs/Lunch Lady:

  1. Lunch Lady – an outside service provider for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesdays.  You can order as often as you like with the Lunch Lady and can order week to week.  Orders for Monday and Tuesday of next week are due by midnight tonight.
  2. Pizza – Pizza is every Friday from end of September until mid February.  Pizza Pizza is the vendor and orders will be available on Cash Online tomorrow.
  3. Sub Lunches – Subs are every Thursday from the end of September until mid February.  Mr. Sub is the vendor and orders will be available on Cash Online tomorrow.
  4. Milk – Chocoloate and White milk are every day of the week if you pre-order.  Otherwise cash sales for milk are on Fridays.  Orders will be available on Cash Online tomorrow.

Other lunch programs will be explored and discussed with School Council.

Lunch time programs will be offered shortly.