Re-organization of K-6 Classes

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Re: Re-organization of Grades 1-6 Classes

Each year we monitor, on a regular basis, the change that takes place between June and September in our school’s enrolment.   Due to an increase in student population, we were recently allocated an additional Junior teacher to reduce our current class sizes and to assist with compliance of the cap of 20 in Primary classes and we had to re-organize our Kindergartens as well.   The following modifications have been made to our classroom organizations:

  • Grade 2            Ms. Grant
  • Grade 2            Ms. Baynes
  • Grade 3            Ms. Koshy
  • Grade 3            Ms. Green
  • Grade ¾           Ms. Randles
  • Grade 4            Ms. Roz
  • Grade 4            Ms. Malka
  • Grade 4/5         Ms. Roebuck
  • Grade 5            Ms. Levinson
  • Grade 5/6         Ms. Karimi
  • Grade 6            Ms. Gerston
  • Grade 6            Ms. Rubinoff

In order to comply with the Ministry of Education class size directive, we have had to move small groups of students from many different classes.  This process was done with emphasis put on academic needs, gender ratios and social needs of students.

We realize that change can be difficult for students once they have made a connection with a teacher and routines have been established.  Our staff will work closely with one another and the students to minimize the impact the new class configuration will have on their routines.  We continue to appreciate your support in this process and know that we can count on your parenting expertise to assist your child with adapting quickly and positively to the new structure.

If your child will be changing rooms, information at the bottom of  the letter sent home today was filled in.  If your child is remaining with the same teacher in the same room, the space was not filled in.  

Thank you for your ongoing support.  The changes will take effect on Tuesday, September 24. We will have an opportunity on Friday September 20th in the afternoon for students to go to their new classes so that they know where to go on Tuesday morning.


K. Cameron, Principal