Colour House Spirit Wear

We have been loving the work that has been happening with Colour Houses and are looking to continue in the years to come. Plans for our next Activity Day are well underway.  Our long term plan is that the Colour House you are in, is the Colour House you stay in until you graduate!  The reason for the colour houses, beyond just fun, is to help us build some community across grades and divisions as we get to know one another.  We know that the more we feel connected at school, the happier we are, the safer we feel, and the better we learn.  We also know that school is fun!

To support students being able to have clothing in their colour house colour, we are selling Bakersfield t-shirts.

If you are interested in purchasing a T-shirt, please click on the link to order directly from Canadian Custom Apparel.  T-shirts are $14 (not a fundraiser) and come in the full range of youth and adult sizing.  Follow the link to place your order until the 10th of November.