X Movement is BACK!!

XmovementWe are VERY excited to welcome X Movement back to Bakersfield!  You may remember last year, that we had X Movement here to offer a week of XDance and a week of AussieX to all of our students, including two really fun Family nights!

THIS YEAR – we have 3 opportunities booked with X Movement.  Each opportunity includes a week long program – with a 40-60 minute period per day for your child(ren) engaged with the X Movement staff.  It also includes a Community Family Event on the Thursday evening of the week they are here.  X Movement programs support our school wide focus on community building, mattering and belonging, and are linked directly to multiple parts of the curriculum.

Bakersfield is fortunate to have these programs here.  The cost of the three programs is significant and although the school was able to cover the fees last year, these are considered ‘in school field trips’ and we are asking families to contribute $15 per child to offset the cost of the 15 days that the programs will run.  Payment can be made on Cash Online.

  • XFusion – November 25-29, 2019
  • XDance – February 10-14, 2020
  • AussieX – May 25-29, 2020

For more information on each of the programs, please see the XMovement Webpage

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  November 28, February 13, May 28 are the community events.



X Fusion explores Self Regulation through a mix of high-intensity fitness and mindful movement. Students are guided to identify their feelings and emotions, choose their desired state, and use physical action to achieve it. By the end, they’ll be equipped with the steps to self-regulate: Feel, Choose, Fuse.

X Dance is a curriculum-based dance program that explores Diversity & Inclusion through a high-energy and culturally rich dance experience. Students identify their unique characteristics, celebrate with the I am Xtra Awesome affirmation, and broaden their understanding of how they can make the world a more inclusive place.

Aussie X explores Growth Mindset through the Australian sports of footy, netball and cricket. The new physical skills challenge students to “Have a Go” at something new so they learn through adversity, and show students that they don’t have to be sports stars to love the feeling of getting active.