YRDSB and Winter Weather

With winter weather already here, we want to share a few important reminders.

Dress for the weather

Students should come dressed appropriately for the weather and for outdoor play. Students can stay warm by wearing layers of loose-fitting clothing, a hat, scarf, jackets, snow pants and mittens or gloves. Students may also want to bring extra pants and socks in case they get wet.


If students are well enough to come to school, they are expected to go outside for recess. Our students benefit from spending time outside and being active. We monitor weather conditions throughout the day. If there are extreme weather conditions, we may consider a shortened or indoor recess.

Bus or School Cancellations

When an extreme cold or inclement weather day is declared, school transportation (including buses and taxis) is cancelled in the morning and afternoon. Schools will remain open. Please notify the school if your child will not be attending school on those days. Students will not be penalized for missing school on these days.

There may be rare instances when emergency weather events occur and we need to close all schools and Board locations. Please take the time to make plans in the event of an emergency school closure. Information about transportation cancellations and Board closures will be shared through local media, Board and school website and on twitter @YRDSB.

Our process for extreme cold, inclement weather and emergency weather days are outlined in the Board’s Severe Weather policy, which has been recently updated and is available for public comment. Seeking feedback from staff and community members, including parents/guardians, is an important part of the review process. All policies available for comment are sent to school council chairs and are posted on the Board website, along with information about how to provide feedback.