Late for School

There has been a significant increase to the number of students arriving late to school.

When your child is late to school by 5 minutes, they are missing up to 20 minutes of instruction by the time they sign in and get into their classes, which adds up quickly.  It disrupts the whole class when they enter late and then require the teacher to review material they have missed.

 It is often in the first 20 minutes of the class that the lesson is taught, assignment instructions are given and student questions are answered. Being at school and good punctuality is linked to high levels of student achievement, reduced gaps in learning and connected to positive well-being at school.

Students can enter the school to prepare for learning at 8:40 a.m.  Instruction begins promptly following O’Canada at 8:55 a.m.

Students who sign out for lunch and who repeatedly do not return for the afternoon on time will not be allowed to sign out for lunch or will have to make up the time.

Thank you for your partnership and for working to improve attendance.