Things You Want to Know

Unprecedented times are upon us!  Thank you to everyone for your patience, cooperation and respect as we navigate through this.  We will post on our Blog if there is any new information or if there are other Bakersfield specific questions that need answering.  For all YRDSB information, please check or @YRDSB on Twitter.

  1. Pizza, Subs, Milk – orders have already been placed for these lunch programs.  We will not be able to extend the dates, so we will be refunding families for the missed days once we are back to school.  All of this will occur through Cash Online through your original form of payment.
  2. Lunch Time Programs – there are a number of ‘paid for’ programs that were to continue after the break for a week or two.  We will work with vendors and let families know but expect they will finish the week we return if they haven’t finished already.
  3. Lost and Found – students visited the Lost and Found that has been spread out for two weeks now.  Remaining items are being donated.
  4. School Council – we have a meeting scheduled for the end of March and it is now cancelled.  Our next meeting date is May 25th.
  5. Dance – A- Thon – we are rescheduling the Dance-a-Thon for April.  Thank you for your continued support.
  6. XMovement – we are rescheduling XDance for the end of April.  If you have not paid the $15 for the 3 programs (XFusion, AussieX, XDance) please see Cash Online
  7. The building is closed from March 14th to April 6th.  Please email if there is something urgent.