Touching Base

Good Afternoon BPS Families,

I hope you are enjoying your day and finding fun and productive things to do while staying safe and healthy!

By now, you should have heard from the school staff via phone. IF we couldn’t reach you or leave a voice message, you will have been sent an email to the email you have on Edsby. If you need Edsby support, please email or

On Monday we embark on a new journey. There will likely be many glitches as the Internet gets flooded with eager staff and students across the province. Please be patient. Teachers will be posting ‘office hours’ where they are available in real time to help. Otherwise they will respond and post as they can. We will work things out as we go.

Important Things to Note:

  • IF you expressed a need for technology or your child has SEA tech at school- we are working out a distribution system and schedule. More details this week.
  • IF you or someone you know in our community is experiencing food shortage or is in other need, please email me, and all matters will be confidential. I will do my best to provide appropriate and timely support.
  • Although we miss seeing you in person, getting back together online will help many of us feel connected.
  • The school grounds are CLOSED. Please do NOT use the play structure or the basketball nets. It is about keeping each other safe- even in family units, the surfaces are not cleaned and have been deemed closed.
  • Last week there were a number of our students ‘hanging out’ together around the school and not keeping the 6 foot distance. Please, please, please- we are closed so that we can flatten the curve and prevent the spread of Covid-19. The kids should not be out for play dates or hangouts.

Stay positive, stay informed, stay in touch- we will get through this together, while apart.