Calling All 2020 NEW Kindergarten Students!!!!

Kindergarten Registration Started January 17, 2020

Kindergarten registration began Friday, January 17 for the 2020-21 school year. We look forward to welcoming our new students and families to our school. DON’T DELAY- register NOW!

Children who turn four or five years old during 2020, live within the school boundary and whose parents/guardians are public school tax supporters will be eligible to register for kindergarten. 

To register for Kindergarten:

 Online. You can access the online registration information at  A laptop or desktop computer is strongly recommended to complete the online registration, rather than a mobile device.  Once you have completed the forms online, you will need to take some required documents to your school for verification only and this can happen when school re-opens
We prefer you use Edsby to register.
Thank you!
BPS Office Team