Bakersfield Gratitude Art

A school in the area gave us this idea…thanks Dr. Roberta Bondar P.S.!
There is so much for us to be grateful for right now – and there have been many of us that have been able to express our gratitude in different ways.  We also have many that have experienced some tough times and have begun to experience the graciousness and generousity of others.  Thank you for how we are coming together as a community.
At Bakersfield P.S. we are all artistic in our own right and our neighbourhood can always use a splash of colour!  To provide colour and beauty as we go for our neighbourhood walks and to show gratitude to the many front line and essential workers that are supporting our communities, we would like to invite students to create a piece of art, and then label it  #BakersfieldGivesThanks along with whatever other gratitude message you may include.
Examples include:
●a chalk drawing in your driveway
●A poster or picture in your window
●A door decoration
The art work should include: #BakersfieldGivesThanks
You can send a picture of it to your Teacher, you can post it on Instagram and tag us @bakersfieldproud or post on Twitter and tag us @Bakersfield_PS  If you mention your colour house, we will add puzzle pieces for your team!!!
***Please continue to reach out to teachers or to if you are in need of anything or if you require supports or have questions.  We are in this together! #matteringandbelonging