Whats Up Wednesdays!

From Kindergarten:

These are some quotes from the students for their thank you drawings:

  • “Thank you to all of our healthcare heroes!” 
  • “Thank you to frontline workers for keeping us safe!”
  • “Thank you to our neighbour who is a nurse in the ICU. He cares directly for COVID-19 patients.”


We are learning to visualize.  We listened to the song “What A Wonderful World” and drew pictures of what we imagined in our minds. guitlin2

From Grade 2:

Grade two students were asked to thank an essential worker (E.g., nurse, doctor, grocery clerk, firefighter etc) and display it in your window or on your garage door.


From Mrs. Webb’s, Ms. A, Ms. Scuderi and Mr. Rothman’s Class:  We are working on Science and on Measurement!