Energized with X Movement at HOME!

Bakersfield Rocks!

Who misses the positive energy vibe of X Movement? Who would like to stay connected, energized and healthy?  Well, guess what? You can!!!

You can continue to experience X Movement at home, because they are now available online through X Universe!  X Universe’s mind + body fitness programs have over 100 short movement and mindfulness videos available right NOW!

Bakersfield has been chosen as a VIP school because of our commitment to X Movement. This means, our students can access X Universe’s online videos FREE for 60 days!

It’s super easy to start! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the following website:  http://xmovement.tv/
  2. Select: “Start Your Free Trial”
  3. Select: “Family and Friends Membership”
  4. At Check-out:  use this password: BakersfieldFREE

If you have any questions, contact Joy at: hello@xmovement.com