Bakers….get ready…get set…BAKE!!!

Today is our Bakersfield Bakers Spirit Day! Think about what you might want to bake and why. Can you have a ‘Nailed It’ competition with a sibling or virtually with a friend? Can you bake for someone else and do a porch delivery? Is there a recipe you have always wanted to try? A recipe from generations passed down? Maybe you just need dessert or a pizza or bread for dinner.

Whatever you bake, have fun and laugh – clean up afterwards and enjoy the fruit of your labour. GO BAKERSFIELD BAKERS! Don’t forget to send us your pictures – tag us on Twitter, Instagram, or share with your teachers. We will add you to the end of the month’s Spirit Day Highlight Reel (it will be posted on the internet)


Ms. Cameron is Baking Bakersfield Biscuits!