Re: Student Material Retrieval and Return Process


Dear Families,

Re: Student Material Retrieval and Return Process 

Students and families may now arrange to safely pick up items they left at school and IF you are leaving Bakersfield or YRDSB you can also return items that belong to the YRDSB during your time slot on  June 15th – June 17th. In order to book a time at the school, families will be given instructions to use a familiar tool for our school: EDSBY. Each student will receive a 15 minute time slot, and will only be permitted entry during this pre-arranged time. Families who are unable to sign up for a scheduled time should  email our school email address  and school office staff will help. Our dates for student retrieval are June 15, 16, 17.

Safety protocols will be in place as you enter school building, and will include: 

  • practice social distancing by staying two metres apart from anyone not from your household; 
  • wear a mask (if you choose);
  • use hand sanitizer as you enter the building; 
  • use the designated entry/exit doors only; 
  • expect that retrieval/return time slots will be 15 MINUTES ONLY

If you are currently using a board-issued laptop and you are returning to a YRDSB school in the fall, please keep your laptop for use over the summer. If you are not returning to a YRDSB school in September, you must return all YRDSB technology (e.g., laptop, chromebook, etc.). All students are expected to return the following items which belong to the school:

  • School library books
  • Teacher classroom library books
  • Classroom supplies
  • Musical instruments that belong to the school
  • Textbooks
  • Athletic uniforms and equipment 
  • Anything else that is property of the YRDSB

Guidelines for Visit

  • Visits to the school must be conducted within the Public Health Guidelines. Physical distancing, single entry point and hand sanitization are expected to be strictly adhered to by anyone entering our buildings. Further, a self-screening must be conducted prior to entering the building.
  • Elementary school students, a parent/guardian is to retrieve materials with your child (grade 7s and 8s may attend alone)
  • Ensure you know your child’s homeroom, teacher’s name and/or locker number/combination
  • Secondary school students must retrieve items individually (with the exception of Community Class students) 
  • If your child has medication at the school, it will be bagged, labeled and available for pick up as you enter the building.
  • Desks, lockers and any other individual spaces must be cleared out, as all remaining items will be discarded. Lockers should be left open, and school locks may remain
  • Family members/students will be told where to return items (one central drop off for secondary, homeroom class for elementary). There will be no walking to other rooms

Our ultimate goal is to provide a safe and supportive process to allow for the retrieval of materials and return of school property. We know this has been a most challenging year, and we thank you for your cooperation as we facilitate a safe and organized  process. 


Krysten Cameron