School is Out for Summer!

Bakersfield Summer Wishes!

Dear Bakersfield Families,

It’s hard to believe that we’ve come to the end of another school year and in spite of it all, we have made it!  We are very proud of our students who have worked hard all year to achieve great results.  Our students have demonstrated dedication, respect and a healthy work ethic.  We thank parents for supporting their children and the staff as we work together to help each child reach his/her potential. It hasn’t been easy, but we have all done our best to work together and see this through.

As the year comes to a close we can reflect upon the opportunities for social and emotional growth as well.  The everyday experiences that occur between students and their teachers are rooted in mutual respect and our common belief that ‘Every individual deserves dignity, respect, and equal opportunities for success’.  Being apart from one another has taken some of these opportunities away from us and has been difficult, but we haven’t forgotten that each student is an ‘essential piece’ of the school!

Some of our students will be moving on next year to new and exciting opportunities.  Our 62 grade 8 graduates will begin high school in September and over 50 new children will begin their education at Bakersfield.  To all of our students who are leaving, we wish you success and happiness in your new schools.  We hope your time at Bakersfield has been a positive and rewarding experience for you.

Some of our staff are also moving on to new and different places. Some are leaving for permanent contracts, some to be closer to home, and others for new learning opportunities. We would like to thank these staff members for their contributions to Bakersfield PS and wish them well as they continue thier journey. Thank you and best wishes to Ms. Azim, Mr. Brade, Mrs. Ferrari, Mrs. Fridman, Mr. Hassan, Mrs. Green, Mrs. Karimi, Mr. Korman, Mrs. Lau, Ms. Lerner, Mrs. Mahabadipour, Mrs. Patel, Ms. Rosenberg and Ms. Scuderi.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege working with you and your children this year.  Next year we will continue to focus on improving the literacy and math skills of our students.  We will continue to look closely at problem solving, risk taking and developing our kindness as we further what it means to ‘Be Bakersfield’! Your support continues to have a significant impact on our ability to program effectively for students.

In September we look forward to welcoming new staff and students to our school.  We are going to have a great start up and even though we don’t know what it looks like yet…we will let you know – so look to the Blog for details.

On behalf of the Bakersfield staff, we wish everyone a very happy and safe summer holiday.

Yours very truly,

Krysten Cameron – your PROUD Principal