Buddy Bench at Bakersfield

Today we shared that our Buddy Bench was toppled over and the legs bent. We asked for information regarding the incident to be shared with the school so that we could work things out. A few things happened as a result of our post, all of which I wanted to share with our families.

  1. The community expressed the significance of the Buddy Bench and shared posts on social media and with us, about how their children have come to value of the bench as a place for friendship and as a nice place to sit. It has been affirming to hear that our Buddy Bench has made a difference to so many.
  2. The community further expressed their concerns with some negative behaviours that have been witnessed in the area over the past number of months. This serves as a reminder to lead by example and to interact with kindness for one another, but also to act with kindness for our physical and natural environments. We can impact our larger community through kindness and by not remaining silent when we see things happening that shouldn’t be. We aren’t asking people to parent other people’s children (as is currently being debated on social media), but to speak up in appropriate ways when needed. At school we encourage students to tell a trusted adult when they witness something they are not able to manage on thier own.
  3. Some of the children who were present when the bench was wrecked, came forward. We do have video survelliance at the school which we accessed, but it was important for those involved to take responsiblity for thier actions. We are working through it together and the bench will be restored soon.

Thank you to everyone for your concern and for the messages today. We are better together.

Be Kind. Be Proud. Be Bakersfield.