Beginning A New Year Together

As we head into this weekend, it signifies for many of us a ‘New Year’ and a fresh start. There is much about school for this year that we are uncertain of (how will kids feel in masks all day? how will we all feel emotionally? will we be able to stay open all year?) but we are ready to come back to school and have protocols and practises in place to keep us safe and learning. At Bakersfield, we know that the community is strong and that we will pull together in the best of times and the worst of times. Thank you for your on-going support, your patience and kindness, and for sending us your best kids each and every day. Enjoy your long weekend and stay tuned to the Blog for videos of the inside of the school and our first day procedures. We are excited to welcome the kids back – we have missed you!

Have a look at this beautiful picture of our Tarmac – it is heartwarming to know so many of you have enjoyed being here over the summer.