Pick Up / Drop Off / School Access for 2020-21

Please read this post and the attached image very carefully.

The attached image provides information for where all students will be entering and exiting the building at the start and end of each day. This is in an effort to keep close to our cohorts and to limit crowding. Doors open at 8:40 a.m. each morning and students can enter thier door at this time. No parents are to enter the school.

If everyone respects the rules and cooperates, we should be able to make this work smoothly. We recognize that the drop off loop is tight and that Mistysugar is narrow, so we encourage you to park on side streets and access school property through one of the 4 other access points. Not only does this help you get to where you need to go, but keeps our space open should anyone require an emergency vehicle if necessary.

Staff will be at the doors to let students in. Masks must be worn when entering the building for all students in Grades 4-8 and we are asking for all students to wear masks if they can.

  • There will be no parents allowed in the building without a pre-arranged appointment with the Principal/Vice-Principal. There will also be no lunch drop offs. Please send your child(ren) to school with food for the day and a re-useable water bottle. Any early sign-outs must be arranged with the office, with ample notice where possible.
  • Late arrivals must line up at the PURPLE doors and wait to be let in. Parents cannot enter with students. Please try to avoid late arrivals as the process to enter at that point will be timely and much instruction time will be lost.
  • Use Edsby to report your child(ren)’s absences and include relevant information for the reasons for absence.
  • Please use the Public Health Screening information each day before sending your child(ren) to school