Halloween @ BPS – Friday October 30, 2020

Halloween @ BPS – Friday October 30, 2020

Students are welcome to come dressed in costumes for the day on October 30th, however, please note that we should still be providing regular classroom instruction. Please remember that the York Region District School Board’s Caring and Safe Schools Policy does not allow any replica weapons, including, but not limited to toy guns, knives, axes, swords, spears, bows/arrows, etc…

In order to support our current Covid-19 safety guidelines;

o   all activities should occur within the cohort/class (e.g., no school costume parades)

o   students will not be able to use washrooms to change into costumes, no Halloween masks are to be worn and face paint is not permitted. 

o students who are required to wear PPE face masks (Gr. 4 – 12) must continue to do so, and students in younger grade (FDK – Gr. 3) are encouraged to continue to wear their PPE face masks, costumes should be of simple design (to limit personal items being brought to school)

o In order to comply with our healthy school focus, allergy awareness and COVID-19 restrictions, candy or items (e.g Halloween pencils, cards etc) should not be sent to be shared with students to school — teachers will not distribute such items sent

Students may want to consider wearing orange/black or autumn colours as an alternative to costumes. It is a regular instructional day.