Report It

Report It

Our schools should be safe, welcoming and inclusive places for everyone. It is important that students know what to do if they witness or experience inappropriate behaviour or incidents of hate or discrimination. 

  • There may be situations when you can safely step in and intervene and help. 
  • Talk to an adult at school, family member or other trusted adult. 
  • Report the event without the person involved knowing using our online reporting tool, Report It.  

Report It lets you share information about inappropriate student behaviour or incidents of hate or discrimination. You can use the online form to report:

  • bullying, drugs, cheating, vandalism, harassment, violence or any other inappropriate behaviour 
  • incidents of discrimination or hate, including anti-Indigenous racism, ableism, anti-Asian racism, anti-Black racism, antisemitism, classism, homophobia, Islamaphobia, sexism, transphobia or other forms of hate

You can report events that happen at school, at school-related events, online or off school property if it negatively affects a student or the school climate. You can also choose to make a report anonymously. 

Complete reports are shared with the school to investigate and respond. 

Acts of discrimination, hate and bullying are never acceptable.  Using the Report It tool is a way of standing up for each other and for ourselves.

You can find Report It on the homepage of the Board website at and on our school website at, or watch this short video to learn more.