Daily Drop-off and Pick-Up

After the first day of school, we will be switching over to our regular drop-off and pick-up procedures. The attached image shows the doors for each group of students to use at the beginning and end of the day. Parents and Guardians are not to exit thier vehicles in the loop, so if you need to get out to help your child, please park elsewhere and walk on to school property. Kindergarten students dropped in the loop will be supervised to walk around to the back of the school if they are in one of those classes.

You may notice that we have had Accessible parking expanded in our West lot. As a result, we have moved staff parking to our front loop. The front loop continues to be our EMERGENCY services access and is not open for use other than busses, taxis and assigned staff.

We did a fantastic job with this last year and are hopeful that people will continue to be respectful, SAFE, and patient for pick-up and drop-off.