We Need Your Help!

On Thursday, November 11th we are having a school wide assembly for Remembrance Day. We wanted to be able to share it with our community as we have in the past – a collective ceremony of remembrance. In addition, many classes in grades 2-8 and groups of students have done a beautiful job putting it together and want you to see it!. Unfortunately we do not have the School Start Forms for over 200 students yet so we don’t know who is allowed to appear in a school video.

IF YOU HAVEN’T COMPLETED THE School Start-Up Forms from the beginning of the year– the school start-up forms that were sent to families by email from YRDSB, please do so immediately. It is important that these forms are completed as soon as possible as they contain important information and permissions. They can also be found on the Board website at www.yrdsb.ca/familyresources under Family Start-Up Forms, along with some information on how to complete the forms. Please note, you must be signed in to your child’s student GAPPS account to complete the form. Please remember to sign out of one student account before signing into another. 

We will do our best to send an update for the assembly on Thursday, but look forward to future opportunities to share with the community the great things that are happening during the school day!