Who We Are Matters!

Over the last number of years at Bakersfield, we have really tried to focus on each of us being an ‘essential piece’ to the Bakersfield puzzle/picture/community/school/class. We have talked a lot about mattering and belonging and the importance of feeling like we matter and belong to others. Part of this work has included, and will continue to include getting to know more about one another and accepting and celebrating our similarities and differences.

We hope that your children have been learning about others and themselves this year on our announcments, our Bakersfield United trivia, our assemblies, our school displays and in our classroom curriculums. The blog posts and Instagram posts showcase what some of our student leaders put together to share with our community to help keep you informed too!

Annually, Children’s Mental Health Week is acknowledged during the first week of May. “Local child and youth mental health agencies and Children’s Mental Health Ontario, which represents nearly 100 children and youth mental health centres across the province are reminding families that we remain open to provide mental health services in our community. Now more than ever, Ontario’s community mental health and addictions public providers want families to consider their mental health and well-being during this unprecedented time of COVID-19. Prior to COVID-19, demand for kids’ mental health services was high with a waitlist of 28,000. Wait times varied between three months to two years depending on where you live and the type of service required. COVID-19 has brought an increase in mental health deterioration and an increased demand for services. CMHO is anticipating, even more need in the coming months. ” (Source http://www.family.cmho.org)

Another important piece to share with you this month is that May is Jewish Heritage Month, and Asian and South Asian Heritage Month. We have many students and families who identify as Jewish and also many who identify as Asian and South Asian. At school we are talking about the amazing contributions of peoples from these heritages and how they contribute to Canada and around the world.

We hope each of your children know they matter and belong at Bakersfield!