Parent Engagement Evenings – Last Call

Dear Bakersfield Families,

Below is a repost from a message that went out last week. We would love to be able to host these discussions, however so far there is limited response in some of the grades. Please read the message below and complete this brief Google Form if you are interested in attending by Friday, May 13th. You do not need to resubmit if you previously completed this form last week.


We all know how challenging it has been these past couple of years to connect and build relationships with other parents in the school community.  Without in-person school events, many of us do not know the parents of the kids our own children play with each day. To support in this area, School Council is interested in hosting informal, virtual meet-and-greets to have a conversation with other Bakersfield parents, develop relationships and strengthen community. Each grade would have their own 40 minute timeslot to connect with other parents/caregivers of children in the same school year. Group discussions would be facilitated by members of Council and visited by Krysten and Brett. 

Proposed Schedule:

DateGrades Meeting
May 30Kindergarten, Grade 4 and Grade 6
June 1Grade 1, Grade 3, Grade 7
June 2Grade 2 and Grade 5, Grade 8