Today at Bakersfield

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick couple of things to keep everyone in the loop…

Heat – if you haven’t noticed yet, it is VERY hot outside today. As a result of the humidex, we are following our hot weather action plan and will be keeping kids inside for lunch recess. We will be encouraging students to stay hydrated and keep movement to a minimum. For those students who sign out at lunch, we are encouraging them to stay home until the end of lunch instead of returning for recess.

Cookies – Today was cookie day and our Grade 8’s delivered cookies. However, the company that supplies our cookies is out of ingredients and was only able to send the vanilla cookies. Everyone who ordered a cookie, received a vanilla cookie today. If we are unable to get enough cookies for next week, we will issue refunds and keep you updated.

Fire Drills/Lockdowns – We are required to have 6 firedrills and 2 lockdown drills in a year. We had a firedrill today and have one more to go. We also need to have a lockdown drill. Given the recent events, we are going to announce the lockdown drill ahead of time – but you may want to be aware to speak to your kids about it too if necessary. Reminder that we keep our schools doors locked after the second bell in the morning. For those of you with children in before and after care, the doors will be locked before and after school as well.

EQAO – For those of you with children in Grades 3 & 6, EQAO has had difficulty with their online platform. We currently do not have access to the system and have had to make multiple schedule changes. Please continue to be flexible with us as we navigate thier system glitches.