In the Loop…

REMINDER – FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 23rd is a PA DAY and there is NO SCHOOL for students. Teachers are in Health and Safety training for the day.

Hey BPS! We have been BUSY here at school and there are a lot of things going on! Take a minute to read this post for some important information about what is ahead here at school.

SCHOOL START UP FORMS– The forms were due on September 22nd. Please complete them if you haven’t and if you require paper copies, contact the office. Please complete and submit these online School Start-Up Forms through your child’s YRDSB Google account. 

TERRY FOX- Today we had Terry Fox’s brother do a virtual presentation for us. We will be doing our Terry Fox Run on September 28th. To support cancer research, send a Toonie for Terry on run day and/or make a donation using this link :

SCHOOL COUNCIL – Every year we look to grow and diversify our School Council so that it is representative of our school population.  Everyone who is a parent of a Bakersfield student is welcome to join council as they are able.  You can attend every meeting or just the ones that are of interest to you or that you are able to fit into your schedule.  

Meetings are typically 90 minutes in length at most.  We begin promptly at 7 p.m. and finish in and around 8:30 p.m. Agendas include an update from staff and the Principal/Vice-Principal, Council updates (variety of subcommitees) and budget.  If there are items to vote on, a discussion will occur and will be followed by a vote.

This first meeting will include elections for the voting positions as a portion of the meeting but EVERYONE is welcome to come to the meeting!

***We have highschool students who are volunteering to supervise kids if you need childcare in order to attend the meeting.  Please complete this form to let us know if you need this support.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in the LIBRARY for our meeting!

BBQ and CURRICULUM NIGHT – We are having a BBQ before our Curriculum Night on October 3rd. Meals can be purchased on Cash Online.

EXTRA CURRICULARS – A number of our Extra Curricular Activities are starting soon. Students in grades 4-8 have already joined Cross Country (our meet is October 18th), Student Leadership opportunities for Colour House leaders and other initiatives are starting soon and Senior Volleyball try outs are getting organized. We will post to the blog and share at School Council as things get rolling.

SAFETY WEEK – Next week is Safety Week. We will be talking with students about ways we stay safe walking home, in the community and here at school. There will be a fire drill and a lockdown drill happening and they will be announced as drills. We are required to run drills a number of times this year so that everyone is prepared. The drills are intended for practise and not to scare or upset students – feel free to talk to your children about this at home if you need to.

ALSO, a reminder for those observing the Jewish Holidays next week to please input absences in the Edsby or phone system. Shana Tova!