November is…

We have been spending a lot of time at Bakersfield trying to build a deep sense of community. A community where we genuinely CARE about one another and where everyone feels that they matter and that they belong. While we aren’t perfect, we are continuing to make gains as we get to know each other, learn about each other and show kindness and respect to one another. When we know better, we do better. Here is a little bit about what we are talking about in November and throughout the year.

Treaties Recognition Week is recognized annually during the first week of November and is acknowledged as one way to honour the treaties agreed to between Indigenous nations and the Crown in right of Ontario over the last 250 years.

Holocaust Education Week is recognized each year the beginning of November and this year falls November 1-7th.

Hindu Heritage Month is celebrated in November. Did you know that Anita Anand is the first Hindu cabinet minister in Canada? She became a cabinet minister in 2019.

Remembrance Day is November 11th. Many of our students are working to put together some reflective pieces to showcase at our Remembrance Day assemblies to help us spend time reflecting on the sacrifices of those who gave greatly for the freedoms we enjoy here in Canada.

Anti-Bullying Week is November 14ths-18th. We have zero tolerance for bullying at Bakersfield and want everyone to feel like they matter.