Monthly Math Message from YRDSB

Problem Solving

At school, students have opportunities to engage in problem solving tasks. At home, mathematical problem solving can take on many different forms. For example, budgeting, time scheduling, measuring and constructing are all situations where children would need to problem solve. Problem solving, being the process of finding solutions to challenging issues, is an essential component of your child’s mathematical journey.

As your child works through problem solving tasks at home, here are some strategies you can encourage them to use and questions you can ask them: Click here to access YRDSB sample problems and strategies.

Toy Mountain is Growing!

Toy Mountain is on the rise!  They have moved the location to LEGOLand at Vaughan Mills but we are hoping you are still able to come and support the event.  Please drop off new, unwrapped toys to the office and mark December 19th in your calendars!  GO BPS!!

Toy Mountain Flyer

Help Needed

We are in dire need of help at lunch time.  If you have an hour a week to give…or an hour and a half…even one day a week, we need you.  If you know of a University Student, a relative or Nanny who might be available – send them to us!

Lunch time help consists of supervising students while they eat from 12:35-1:00 p.m. and then supervising students while they play outside from 1-1:35 p.m.  The pay for the hour is minimum wage but we promise smiles and warm welcomes, with the occasional coffee or tea.

Please call the school 905-731-8227 if you can help.