Spirit Days

Let’s celebrate our last week of school in 2019 with a week full of school spirit! Monday is your chance to have crazy hair; don’t care day! Show off your unique “do’s!”

Tuesday is all about being Bakersfield! Wear your school spirit with Bakersfield spirit wear or our school colours: blue and yellow.

Wednesday is “fan” day. Which teams, bands, tv shows, movies, characters do you love? On Wednesday, it’s your chance to be the #1 fan by supporting your favourites.

Thursday is hat day! An excuse not to do your hair that morning!

Friday will be another pajama day! Wear your coziest pjs on our last school day of 2019! Let’s end 2019 with Bakersfield spirit!

spirit week.jpg

Edsby Password Updates

These days we all have a heightened awareness of the importance of using strong passwords to protect the various online accounts we use.   A change is coming shortly to Edsby which will require that all parent account passwords meet a new, higher strength requirement.

All new passwords created in Edsby will be prompted to follow these new guidelines. To ensure that all existing Edsby users have created strong passwords, when you log into your Edsby account, your password will be evaluated to assess its’ strength. If it doesn’t meet these new strength guidelines, you will be asked to select a new stronger password.  This will ensure strong passwords for all users.

Creating a new password is easy.   First, you need to enter your current password.  Then you will need to enter your new password twice and press “Continue”.   Edsby first checks to make sure your current password is correct and will let you know if it isn’t.  Edsby next checks that the two entries of the new password are the same and will let you know if the two don’t match.  Edsby will then assess the strength of the new password you’ve entered by checking the following criteria and provides a helpful error message if they fail:

  • must be at least 8 characters in length
  • Will support special characters (e.g: “# % *”) but does not require one
  • Will support upper and lower case but not require one of each
  • Cannot contain more than two sequential characters (e.g: “aaa” will not work)
  • Cannot contain more than three ascending/descending characters in a row (e.g: “1234” or “abcd” will not work)
  • Prohibits the use of commonly used passwords (e.g: “password”)

If your new password passes all these tests, then Edsby will replace your old password with the new one and log you into your account.

There are also resources on our website (www.yrdsb.ca) for parents on resetting passwords.

Here are some additional resources from Edsby around selecting a stronger password:
Choosing a Stronger Password

Join Us at LEGO Land

This THURSDAY is TOY MOUNTAIN!  We are gathering at LegoLand with our mountain of toys to help bring Holiday Cheer.  If you and your family are interested in joining us, you will have an opportunity to be on TV!  Come out to Legoland by 6:00 p.m. and stay as long as you can.  Please email krysten.cameron@yrdsb.ca if you intend on coming so we have a rough idea of numbers.

If you can’t come…please consider adding to the mountain!

TONIGHT! School Council

Reminder!  Tonight we have a presentation on how to access Google Classroom and Google Docs from 6:30-7:00 in the Staff Room.

School Council will follow from 7:00-8:15 p.m. in the Staff Room

We look forward to welcoming everyone that is able to join us!